C# Extension to Delete selected SharePoint List Items

It is a common requirement to delete set of SharePoint list items from a list. In most case you might want to do that quickly as well. Here is a extension method that I wrote to accomplish that.

 public static void DeleteItemsCollection(this SPList list, SPWeb web, SPListItemCollection listitemCollection)
StringBuilder deletebuilder = DeleteBatchCommand(list, listitemCollection);


StringBuilder DeleteBatchCommand(SPList spList, SPListItemCollection listitemCollection)
StringBuilder deletebuilder = new StringBuilder();
deletebuilder.Append(“<?xml version=\”1.0\” encoding=\”UTF-8\”?><Batch>”);
string command = “<Method><SetList Scope=\”Request\”>” + spList.ID +
“</SetList><SetVar Name=\”ID\”>{0}</SetVar><SetVar Name=\”Cmd\”>Delete</SetVar></Method>”;

foreach (SPListItem item in listitemCollection)
deletebuilder.Append(string.Format(command, item.ID.ToString()));
return deletebuilder;

The method “DeleteItemsCollection” can be called up on any list together with SPWeb and the collection list items that you want to get rid of the list. You can simply execute the method as follows.

myList.DeleteItemsCollection(web, itemsToDelete);



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