About Me

I am a software professional based in Colombo, Sri Lanka having 10+ years experience in Software Development and Supporting. I strongly believe that courage and dedication makes everything  possible. In other words I keep chanting myself “Yes I can”.

Most of my technical expertise are around technologies of Microsoft stack ranging from simple dos command to SharePoint Custom development or Dynamic CRM etc.

I was fortunate to lead several different teams from my school days to my IT career, which made me well aware that leadership is a special skill that every human should develop to be success  in this fast moving world.  I believe humans should not master that skill not just because they want to lead a team, but they should master it to be a worthwhile member of a team lead by another also.

I love accepting challenges. I’m really passionate about what I do day to day.  I am trying to be more sharpen by learning from every little mistake I do.

As a human, I grow up in one of the most human friendly environments in Sri Lanka(probably in the world), Kandy, where I experienced wonders of mother nature, misty mountains, crystal clear steams, green hills etc etc. More than all that, wonderful people with smile on their faces all the time (though I miss frequent smile on my face for some reason).

Even though my wife doesn’t agree with me, I am a social worker(charity worker) dedicating my weekends and holidays to community work. I was blessed to experience the best of  (probably) the best children moment in the world, Boy Scout Moment. So now I am trying to help next generation of children to experience the same.

On LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/chaminda-bandara-somathilaka/4/b29/407

On FB : http://www.facebook.com/chaminda.somathilaka

On Twitter  :https://twitter.com/#!/chamindabandara


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